Mister B Urban Ibiza Shorts Black/White

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These sexy super sporty MrB Ibiza Shorts are part of the MrB URBAN collection, which consists of high quality sports, party and underwear. When wearing these hot running shorts, you’re sure to attract a lot of attention in the gym or at a party.

Made of 100% polyester in Portugal. The comfortable inside cup is made of 75% polyamide with 25% elastane (lycra), preventing your precious parts from hanging out when you wear these running shorts.

Next to the original Red/black and neon yellow/blue colour combinations, now also available in these three new colours:
Black/ Red
Black / White
White/ Black

Sizing information:

Small (waist 26-30 inch)

Medium (waist 30 – 32 inch)

Large (waist 32 – 34 inch)

Extra Large (waist 34 – 37 inch