Bad Dragon Hunter Signature

Bad Dragon Hunter Signature

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Are you ready to meet perhaps the most seductive member of the Bad Dragon lineup? Imagined by Xan and selected through Bad Dragon Labs, this toy boasts some pretty tantalizing features.

From base to head, Hunter is designed to stimulate. Starting with a carefully pointed tip, work your way along to experience a muscular shaft covered in enticing plates, bumps, and curves. Take it way down deep and you’ll enjoy incredible girth and heft while a manageable base allows for incredible maneuverability for all your gyrating needs.

Perfectly suited for anal or vaginal play as well as clitoral, g-spot and p-spot stimulation, Hunter sure won’t disappoint. We’d recommend a suction cup for yours to experience all that this amazing toy has to offer.

Brand: Bad Dragon

Size: One size

Suctioncup: Yes

Firmness: 3

Colour: Hunter's Signature