Bad Dragon Hanns

Bad Dragon Hanns

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This is one toy we’re sure will grow on you. Designed by Enerugi through Bad Dragon Labs, Hanns will quickly work his way into your permanent rotation in no time.

His nice, thick petals of texture folds sit atop a tapered, slender shaft creating an instant feeling of fullness that slowly releases as you work your way deeper and deeper, until you meet his knot. Perfectly proportioned for intense enjoyment, Hanns’s delicate features sprout from a nicely textured base.

Hanns is a great toy for those looking for anal and p-spot stimulation owing to his unique shape. Perfect on its own or grown with a suction cup to help plant yourself atop, wherever convenient.

Brand: Bad Dragon

Size: One size

Suctioncup: Yes

Firmness: 5/8

Colour: Hanns' Signature


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